9 Best Blackstone Grill and Griddle Reviews

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If you are reading this article, it means you are probably looking for a Blackstone griddle grill, but do not which will fit your needs and requirements.

We have reviewed the 9 Best Blackstone Grills and Griddles, so you can easily understand their features, pros and cons, and their complicated details. After reading this article, we hope all your concerns and confusion are solved.

Best Blackstone Grills and Griddles

After researching all types of BBQ Grills and Griddles, you are probably worried and confused about the many complicated details and features available. You want to understand what size, weight, features, or durability is best for you.

There are a lot of options available on the internet and the market, so it can get confusing. Don’t worry, we are here for you with a buying guide to help you choose the best Blackstone Grill for you.

Here’s an easy-to-use features comparison table for Blackstone grills: 

  Number of Burners Cooking Area Size Heat BTU Rating Check Price Button
Best Overall Grill  

Blackstone 1923 Patio 36″ Cabinet Griddle w/Air Fryer
4 burners 756 square inches 60,000 BTUs Check Latest Price
Blackstone 1825 36″ Outdoor Flat Top Gas Griddle 4 burners 720 sq in. 60,000 BTUs Check Latest Price
Blackstone 1962 Patio 28″ Air Fryer Griddle Station 2 burners 524 sq in. 34,000 BTUs Check Latest Price
Blackstone 1517 28″ 2 Burner Outdoor Griddle Station for Camping 2 burners “H” Style 470 sq in. 30,000 BTUs Check Latest Price
Blackstone 1935 22″ On The Go Scissor-Leg  2 burners “H” Style 361 sq in. 24,000 BTUs Check Latest Price
Blackstone 1666 22″ Tabletop Griddle Grill Station 2 burners “H” Style 339 sq in. 24,000 BTUs Check Latest Price
Blackstone 1813 22″  Stainless Steel Flat Griddle Grill Station 2 burners “H” Style 339 sq in. 24,000 BTUs Check Latest Price
Blackstone 1550 On The Go Tailgater Grill Griddle Combo with Wheels 1 burner “H” Style and 1 cast burner 534 sq in. 30,500 BTUs Check Latest Price
Best Budget Grill Blackstone 1814 17″ Stainless Steel Flat Top Griddle Grill Station 1 burner “H” Style 268 sq in. 12,000 BTUs Check Latest Price

1.  Best Overall – Blackstone 1923 Patio 36″ Cabinet Griddle w/Air Fryer


With this versatile multi-purpose cooking griddle, you can do it all – from baking to searing to sautéing to stir frying to even air frying! Cooking simple meals has never been simpler than with the Blackstone 1923 36″ Griddle with Air Fryer

Put the burgers on the grill while you cook the fries inside the built-in air fryer. Two large air fryers allow you to prepare healthy versions of your favorite fried foods without all the grease. Make fried chicken, fries, potatoes, egg rolls, and so many other fried items. 

With its 756 square inches of cooking surface, the carbon steel cooking top gives you enough room to cook everything from pancakes to pizza. The griddle and air fryer combo lets you cook anything you want, where and when you want.

Blackstone rates it to fit and cook a large amount of food at once: 

  • 72 hot dogs
  • 28 burgers
  • 16 steaks

The flat griddle fits: Fits 28 burgers Fits 16 steaks Fits 72 hot dogs Feeds 2 to 20

The Blackstone 1923 griddle features three drawers: two air fryers and one warming basket for keeping your food warm until ready to serve. Air fryer baskets feature a temperature control knob allowing you to cook food at 3 different temperatures ranging from 300 °F to 475 °F.

Cleaning up after cooking steaks, bacon, and other juicy meats isn’t a problem with Blackstone’s patented rear grease management system. It will trap and collect the greasy mess in its rear grease trap. It makes clean-up super easy. 

I was initially wary of the air fryer, but I have to say, the two air frying draw­ers work perfectly. A great tip, to get crispier fries, lightly spray some oil in the air fryer drawers and on top of the fries before cooking. The air fryer also cooks so much better than the stand-alone electric air fryer that I have, and never use anymore. 

There’s a difference when cooking with a regular outdoor grill vs griddle top, but the end result is still great food and more flexibility. I’ve been able to cook pancakes and grilled cheese on the griddle, two things I can’t do on a standard grill. 

This Blackstone 36″ griddle and air fryer combo is also very heavy at 260 pounds, so don’t expect it to be portable. But it’s been very sturdy with some rough weather and wind.  

On Sale
Blackstone 1923 Air Fryer Combo & Four Burners Stainless Steel Gas Hood,...
Blackstone 1923 Air Fryer Combo & Four Burners Stainless Steel Gas Hood,...
Dual drawer gas-powered air fryer to roast, bake, and fry; Magnetic tool bar for easy access Warming drawer to keep food ready to serve

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2. Blackstone 1825 36″ Outdoor Flat Top Gas Griddle


A big griddle is needed for cooking when preparing meals for your family and friends. This Blackstone 1825 36″ griddle fills that need without compromising anything.

The large 720 square in. of cooking surface has 4 burners that are adjustable, so it allows you to cook several different food items simultaneously. That gives you the option to cook in one area, while keeping foods warm in another area of the griddle top. 

This griddle comes with Blackstone’s new side shelf which gives the user a removable cutting board, super convenient paper towel holder, and strategically placed trash bag hook.

Eliminate the hassle associated with using kerosene, charcoal, and matches; This grill has an easy start, battery-powered push button to start cooking. By simply pushing a button, your Blackstone griddle is ready for cooking.

Griddles aren’t only for breakfast foods and stir fry. Make everything from steak to chicken to fish and vegetables. With this flat top grill, you can cook your food without losing any of its flavor or juices, because there are no grill grates they fall through. You can even get that sought after crispy texture wherever you prefer.

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3. Blackstone 1962 Patio 28″ With Air Fryer Griddle Station


The Blackstone 1962 28″ with Air Fryer Griddle has the same features as the 36″ model, except it has a smaller cooking surface of 524 sq. in. to grill, bake, sear, stir fry, roast, sauté, and air fry. 

It has one large 2-quart air fryer that lets you cook everything from eggs to chicken wings to vegetables. 

Cook fries in the basket and then drop them into the warming basket until you’re ready to eat them. You can use the air fryer’s temperature control knob to cook food at three temperatures ranging from 300° F to 475° F.

The 28″ griddle station also has the same patented rear grease trap to catch all the juices and grease from becoming a big mess. 

The grill comes with two side shelves, an adjustable magnetic strip for griddles, and tool hooks provide plenty of prep and storage space. A hood keeps heat in and prevents splatter while the rear grease system controls the mess on the grill surface.

With its propane and plug powered griddle, you’ll be able to cook up delicious meals for years to come.

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4. Blackstone 1517 28″ 2 Burner Outdoor Griddle Station for Camping


With 470 square inches of flat top griddling, the Blackstone 1517 28″ Griddle is a great option for breakfast, lunch and dinners. It’s a great choice to take with you on a camping weekend with a large group of people. I’ve cooked for 8 people and 12 burgers at one time on the 28″ grill. 

Cook eggs, omelets, pancakes, grilled cheese, steaks, burgers, potatoes, quesadillas, stir fry, teppanyaki-style foods, and much more.

There’s also a bottom shelf and two side shelves for easy food storage and prep. 

This grill is easy to use and quick to assemble, so you’ll be cooking before long. Eliminate the hassle and mess of kerosene, charcoals and matches; this grill has an easy start, battery powered push button ignitor. With the simple push a button, your griddle is ready for cooking. Make outdoor cooking easier and more enjoyable by taking the headache out of it.

Thanks to its removable griddle top, folding legs, and four industrial strength caster wheels, this grill easily rolls around your yard easily. 

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5. Blackstone 1935 On The Go 22″ Scissor-Leg 


The Blackstone On The Go 22″ Scissor-Leg Griddle with Hood is an excellent portable griddle that makes cooking great meals outside easy. The Roll & Go design allows for easy transport of the griddle to beaches, parks, campsites, tailgates, or any other outdoor locations.

It has a 361 sq. in. cooking space that allows you to cook a large amount of food at once. You can feed up to 6 people or more at once: 

  • 30 hot dogs
  • 18 eggs or pancakes
  • 12 burgers
  • 8 steaks

After you’re done cooking, the BBQ grill collapses for easy transport and storage. When folded down, it’s only a height of 46 inches. 

There’s a side shelf that can be useful for holding spices and condiments, and keeping your cooking tools handy. It’s a great way to organize your cooking space. There’s a large handle on one side of the griddle will allow you to raise and lower it easily.

The griddle isn’t just for pancakes and eggs either. You can cook things like burgers and steaks to fried rice and vegetable stir fry. 

The two independently controlled knobs allow you to set up different heat zones for cooking multiple foods at once without burning anything. It also lets you keep certain foods warm on one side of the griddle, while the other side cooks.

It also has the Blackstone patented rear grease trap to capture all the grease and juices from the food you’ve cooked.  

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6. Blackstone 1666 22″ Tabletop Griddle Grill Station


Take your outdoor adventures to the next level with Blackstone’s 22″ tabletop griddle. This versatile portable griddle has everything needed to cook up a variety of breakfast dishes at once.

Whether you’re cooking in your backyard or camping out in the wood, make sure you pack this light, versatile flat top grill with you. Thanks to its small size, you can take it anywhere – tailgating, fishing, pool parties, and more.

It has no stands or wheels, so you’ll need to put it on a table or other flat surface at your campsite or park. Fortunately, the grill only weighs around 30 pounds, which is quite easy to carry.

With its 339 square inches of cooking surface, you can prepare multiple items at once. The two burners are powerful enough at 24,000 BTUs for family cooking needs.

The two “H” style burners distribute heat evenly and ensure even cooking. Both the burners have built-in ignitors and can be controlled independently so that you can cook food at different temperatures separately.

Be sure to bring a 1-pound propane bottle if you’re considering going camping overnight. This will give you up to 45 minutes worth of fuel. If you’re planning to camp for multiple days, you’ll need to bring more propane fuel. It’s compatible with tank capacities up to 20-pound propane tanks.

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7. Blackstone 1813 22″  Stainless Steel Flat Griddle Grill Station


If you often tailgate and go camping, the Blackstone 1813 22″ griddle will make life more enjoyable with the delicious food you can cook on this grill.

This Blackstone grill also comes with a hood. A hood might not seem like an important feature for a griddle, however, it will come in handy at times when on the go.

The hood helps to keep the heat inside the grill hood and speed up the cooking process. The hood protects the griddle pan from the elements and keeps it clean between uses.

Regardless of how much you spend on a griddle grill, it must be able to cook your meals evenly, so that they taste good and smell good. To ensure this, they made the griddle top out of cold-rolled steel.

This is perfect for a family reunion or for the weekend cookout with friends. At one time, the 339 sq. inch cooking area will fit up to:

  • 12 burgers
  • 12 pancakes
  • 12 eggs
  • 9 steaks

Seasoning the grill is also very easy to do and requires just a few seconds. Just sprinkle salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, and chili powder over the entire grill surface. It’s easy to clean after seasoning.

The flat grill features two H-style burners that produce 24,000 BTUs and an upper surface made from rolled steel to prevent any hot spots or cold spots. You can adjust the heat intensity by turning the dials individually.

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8. Blackstone 1550 On The Go Tailgater Grill Griddle Combo with Wheels


The Blackstone 1550 On The Go Tailgater Grill Griddle Combo combines the convenience of griddling and the fun of cooking on a barbecue grill in one versatile cooking device. The perfect pair for a complete cooking experience outdoors.

This grill and griddle combo has two sides, one for a BBQ grill and the other for a breakfast griddle. That allows you to grill burgers, while also making pancakes. Each side of the tailgater has individual heat controls as well. 

Our camping griddle has a side table that can be used for placing your spices and cooking utensils, making everything you need to cook easily available and within reach. 

Our grill griddle is portable and can be taken anywhere for an outdoor cookout. It’s called a tailgater as it’s great for tailgating in the parking lots before games. It can also be a good option to grill and barbecue at home on the patio. 

Cleaning up after cooking bacon or any other fatty foods can be tedious. We’re lucky because our camp griddle has a grease trap that collects any leftover grease and makes cleanup easy.

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9. Blackstone 1814 17″ Stainless Steel Flat Top Griddle Grill Station


The Blackstone 1814 17″ flat top griddle grill is compact and a great portable option for grill on-the-go. Its lightweight and compact, so you can put it in your car trunk. Perfect for tailgating and camping. 

This is a good grill option for an average sized family. The 268 sq. inch cooking surface area can fit up a lot of food at one time: 

  • 12 eggs
  • 9 burgers
  • 9 pancakes

The compact size and functional design of our countertop griddle is ideal for your next campout, beach blast, picnicking, road trip, or a fun-filled meal on your patio. 

Cook Whatever You Want, Wherever You Want With Blackstone Portable Griddle Whether you are enjoying family BBQ sessions in the backyard or hiking in the woods, the gas top griddle allows you to cook delicious meals on-the-go.

The grill uses an H-style burner that ensures even heat distribution across the stainless steel griddle, so you can cook the food evenly. You can adjust the heat intensity from low to high by using the built-in igniter.

The integrated grease tray catches all the meat drips and makes cleaning up a breeze. It has a large capacity and doesn’t need to be emptied frequently while you’re busy cooking. You can wipe the cooking surface with a paper towel for easy cleanup.

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Blackstone Grill and Griddle Buying Guide

Choosing the best Blackstone grill and griddle for you depends on what kind of grilling you want to do. There are several different types of grills and griddles to choose from. These include charcoal grills, propane grills, electric griddles, and more.

Here we will discuss some of the most common features and considerations to help you decide which one is right for you.

Cooktop Surface Size

One thing to consider when buying a grill is how much space you have to work with. If you plan to use this grill often or plan to cook for lots of people, then you’ll want a larger cooking surface. A bigger cooking surface means there’s room for more food.

A 17-inch tabletop grill should be sufficient for most small families’ cooking needs. You may not be able to prepare many dishes at once on such a small surface.

A 28 inch Blackstone Grill Top offers the perfect size for portability and barbecue parties. 

You should get a 36 inch Blackstone Grill Top if you don’t need it to be as portable, but need to cook for 8+ people at one time. 

Number of Burners

Griddles sizes and the number of burners are tied together. A griddle comes with 1-4 burner options. Get a griddle with the number of burners you want. For solo traveling or living, there is no need to buy more than one burner.

More burners allow you to cook different foods at the same time. Campers and people at the barbecue don’t have to wait long to eat.

Heat or BTU Ratings

BTUs (British Thermal Units) measure the amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit.

Griddle burners have different heating times depending on how much energy they use. Higher BTUs mean more power, and also longer heating times.

A smaller burner uses less power than a bigger one, and heats up slower. You should choose a griddle based on the food you’re cooking.

A griddle should be used for cooking quick-cooking items such as pancakes or waffles. High heat items, such as stir fry require more BTUs than low heat items such as omelets. 


Most griddles have adjustable knobs to adjust the heat for different types of food. This allows you to control the heat intensity. The knobs usually have three settings: off, medium, and high.

Griddles are versatile because they can be used for many different types of foods. They can be adjusted to suit your needs.


The durability of a griddle is important because you will be using it a lot. Make sure that it has a sturdy build so that it lasts for years.

This grill has an overall construction made of durable powder coated steel. The burners are made of quality stainless steel. The grills include grates made out of iron cast that can withstand the high heat.


Griddles should be light enough to carry around easily. A heavy unit may seem like a burden when moving.

If you plan to travel frequently with the grill for camping and/or tailgating, make sure that you get a lightweight grill that’s easily portable. 

Fuel Compatibility

A cooker that is compatible with either a 1 or 20 pound propane bottle or tank is preferable. You can easily fuel the griddle with the smaller bottle for short camping trips or when you have easy access to refills.

If you need more fuel, you can use the larger tank while staying at your campsite.

Wheels for Portability

Some griddles come with wheels for easier transport. Wheels make it easier to move the griddle to wherever you need it. You can easily push and pull the unit to move to the desired place.

It’s good for moving the griddle grill around campsites or from your backyard to garage for storage. 

Side Shelf and Organizing Space

You can find griddles with side shelves where you can store cooking utensils, items, spices, etc. It makes it easier to keep everything organized and easy to reach. 

A well-organized space allows you to cook efficiently and easily. You need to organize to make sure you have everything you need when you’re cooking.

How to Clean Your Blackstone Griddle?

Cleaning a blackstone griddle is very simple. First, get your cleaning materials ready: paper towels, cooking oil, scouring pad, warm water, and a spatula.  Turn the stove off before touching it.

Wait until it cools down, then use the spatula to scrape away any burnt-on grease. Wash the griddle with warm water and dry it with paper towels.

Take a metal spatula or scrapper to scrape the cooktop. Use a paper towel to clean up the surface. Pour some amount of hot water into the pan. Don’t use soap. Hot water will do the trick.

You should always clean your stove after each use. A scouring pad is used to remove any grease or oil left behind by previous cooks. Paper towels are used to wipe away excess water. Dry the stove with a dry cloth to prevent rusting.

Best Blackstone Grill and Griddle Final Thoughts

There are many factors to consider when choosing a blackstone grill and griddle. Some people prefer the convenience of having their griddle close to them. Others enjoy the outdoor experience and love being able to cook outside.

There are many different models available in the market today. Each comes with its own pros and cons. This guide helps you understand how to choose the best Blackstone grill and griddles for you.

Learn about other great grills:

Best Blackstone Grill and Griddle FAQs

Which Blackstone griddle is the best?

The Blackstone 1923 36″ Griddle with Air Fryer is the best Blackstone griddle grill with a great combination of performance and price. The addition of the air fryer allows you to make a variety of foods at one time without running inside to the kitchen and back outside again to the grill. 

Is Blackstone a good grill?

Blackstone is a very good choice if you want to buy a heavy-duty, high quality griddle or grill. It has great quality and construction power for durability. 

Does Blackstone make a gas grill?

Yes, Blackstone does make gas grills. They come in a variety of sizes with the most popular coming in the 36″ and 28″ models.

Can you cut on Blackstone griddle?

Yes, you can cut on a Blackstone griddle. It will never harm a griddle or any grill, but there is the potential to dull your knife and need a reseasoning of your griddle. 

Is a Blackstone griddle worth it?

Blackstone grills definitely worth their price for their reputation for quality. The most important thing to consider is whether the griddle meets your needs. If you want a large cooking surface and a durable, high quality piece of equipment, BlackStone is well worth it. The griddles can cook everything from breakfast to dinner and an amazing multi-purpose tool.

Can you use a Blackstone griddle in the garage?

It’s best not to use a Blackstone griddle in the garage. Any stove, grill or griddle will lead to smoke and potentially smoke inhalation that damages your lungs. So, even if the garage door is opened, it’s still not safe.

Is a grill or a griddle better?

Griddles work best when cooking diced, small, thin foods or batters. You’ll want to use a grill for cooking fatty meats and skin on chicken, anything with fats and juices. Grills allow the fat to drip off and create extra smoke and flavor. Your food is a little healthier because it’s not sitting in grease and oils like on a griddle.

Griddles are great for cooking items that won’t stick to the grill grate. Fish doesn’t stick to the seasoned surface, and the food cooks quickly and thoroughly. The flavor comes out better when cooking on a griddle.

Are Blackstone griddles safe?

Blackstone griddles are only as safe as the owners and users properly use it to cook food. You should always check the manufacturer’s instructions before using any griddle. If you do not follow the instructions correctly, you could end up with a damaged product.

Are burgers good on a griddle?

Griddles are used by many burger chefs. A flat, smooth griddle surface is perfect for cooking hamburgers. The griddle gives the burger an even cook, a nice sear and helps keep the meat moist. The juices don’t fall between the grill grates, so the griddle helps keep your burger nice and juicy.