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Jennifer Matthews


Jennifer Matthews

Hi there! I’m Jennifer and I’m a big foodie. I love finding new and innovative ways to eat, cook, and taste my favorite foods.

I started The Tasty Hub to share my food and drink recipes with others. I like to play around with recipes and see what tastes good, and see where my talents lie.

My passion is creating dishes that taste great, look amazing, and are easy to make. After all, who doesn’t want to save time and make something more delicious?

I enjoy eating healthy food, wine, travel, and writing about all things wellness. I’m also currently working on my first cookbook, which I’ll be sharing on The Tasty Hub. 

Feel free to contact me at hello@thetastyhub.com or on the contact page.

James Glassman

Barbecue Writer

James Glassman

I love all sorts of cuisine, but barbecue is my go-to. I’ve eaten at dozens of BBQ joints, cooked my way through barbecue cookbooks, and tried out various techniques.

At The Tasty Hub, I write about barbecue grills and recipes, which I love because it allows me to share my passion with everyone.

I want to make barbecuing easier for you, so you can enjoy cooking and eating with your family and friends.

Let’s talk BBQ! Email me at james@thetastyhub.com.