Coleman NXT 200 Review

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Looking for an adventurous, joyous, and scrumptious ride with your friends and family?

Time spent with friends and family is a well-spent time and it leaves us with millions of moments to cherish for life.

To make this adventure worth remembering and nostalgic, delicious food is a prerequisite as tasty and sizzling meals are a necessary part of each party or treat with friends and family gatherings.

Coleman NXT 200 Review


Among all those outdoor and indoor parties, BBQ is a common thing that is loved by everyone even those people who are diet conscious but end up having some cheats days at their social gatherings.

BBQ and grill steaks are as good as the equipment used for grilling them that is the reason behind the increasing demand for the quality and robust BBQ grills and grates that yield delicious and scrumptious grilled meat and food item worth trying for.

As the competition for the top spot is hyphening up, there is an overwhelming demand for the grilling equipment and choosing the best one is possibly very difficult and tiresome. To aid you with that Coleman has launched one of their leading products that have gained wide acknowledgment across the globe. Go through the Coleman NXT 200 Review to have an in-depth review of this prestigious grill.


  • 15 kg/ 5.3 Oz. weight
  • 321 square inches capacity
  • 20,000 BTU power
  • Swivel wheels
  • 2X Burners
  • Removable side tables
  • Porcelain-coated iron grates
  • Matchless ignition button
  • Cross legs for stability
  • Thermostat for temperature control
  • Grease cups for easy cleaning
  • Stovetop Cooking
Coleman NXT™ 200 Grill
  • Made of the highest quality materials
  • Camping cooking grills
  • Another quality Coleman product

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Coleman NXT 200 Review

Coleman is a reputed name in the advanced cooking technology that is aimed at making daily life intriguing and initiative and is an unrivaled name in the quality cooking appliances lineup. This promising and trustworthy brand is the best comrade for tailgating, camping, and grilling that is well known for its amazing grilling capabilities and excellent BBQ steaks.

Coleman NXT 200 Review is all about innovative technology, scrumptious grilling, and adventurous outdoor journeys promising the users a nostalgic and memorable BBQ experience literally, ANYWHERE and ANYTIME.

This outdoor camping grill is coming with porcelain-coated iron grates, a medium-sized cooking capacity, a durable and sturdy construction, heat core technology, cross table legs, auto ignition, removable side tables, and dual burner’s strength for added agility and feature enriched grilling experience.

If you are interested in going down the line in each aspect of this product run down our article on Coleman NXT 200 Review for a fun-packed and joyous grilling journey with Coleman grill.


The outlook of any tailgating partner is an important aspect of it that is mandatory to mention in its review because this will determine the ultimate hype that it has created in the market. Since it is a common observation in the market that a fancy and trendy product garners much attention, Coleman has perfectly made use of this belief as Coleman NXT 200 has a well talked about design.

Design and outlook is the first stop determining the worth of the product but is not the casting vote for its purchase as users will not go for a white elephant until and unless they are capable of making it up to their use. This NXT 200 grill has swivel wheels on its cross legs table stand and curved shaped support on the other side.

The upper portion of the product is a red blocked shape grill that has a robust design and is looking like a miniature sizes piano that is well cherished by the customers and potential buyers.

Talking about the portability and suitability for outdoor adventures, this grill falls full on expectations and has swivel wheels that easily carry it around all the terrains it is supposed to be taken. This means you can utilize this Coleman grill for outdoor and indoor activities ranging from the backyard to the mountains or from lawns to parks.

As far as storage is concerned, this stands up the grill with cross legs can easily be folded and then stored in a garage or anywhere in your backyard or patio.


This is a very lightweight and portable grill and thus manufacturers have retained the lighter texture and construction by avoiding the addition of heavy-duty parts. The weight of the whole unit is about 0.15 kilograms or 5.3 ounces and this makes it easy to maneuver around the parks and outdoor areas. With a width of 120 cm and a depth of 53 cm,  Coleman NXT 200 grill is coming with a height of 103 centimeters.

Thus it is a lightweight and small grill that can be carried around with little stress on the arms and shoulders while carriage.


The general construction of the device is a very compact and robust one that can endure the greatest challenges of the environment and outdoor climate. The grates are made up of iron but to give it an extra line of durability and enhance heat retention these iron grates are coated with a porcelain layer.

These porcelain-coated iron grates will retain the maximum heat giving a soft and tender texture to your BBQ steaks and grills. Retaining the heat iron grates is not the only factor as it is an interplay of various underlying forces of which its heat core technology is worthy of mention here.

This heat core technology is responsible for giving a stovetop cooking that allows it to have a smooth and uninterrupted flow of heat. Apart from that it is also responsible for even and uniform distribution of the heat all through the grates and maintain a steady temperature throughout the cooking time.


The capacity of the grill is the foremost factor that is of concern to the potential buyers and it is mandatory to determine before the purchase as after going through it you will be able to sort out its use up to your needs. For small families, a small capacity cooking grate is a perfect fit but for fulfilling the needs of a large social gathering a large cooking area is a must-have feature that cannot be overlooked.

The Coleman NXT 200 grill is offering you’re a total cooking space of 321 square inches and is divided into warming racks and grilling grates which can cook up to 18 burgers simultaneously. You can cook the whole chicken or BBQ and steaks in no time saving both the time and energy utilized in cooking for log times.


Coleman NXT 200 is a dual burner unit that works independently of each other allowing the unit to have evenly distributed heat all across its surface. These two burners are placed at a reasonable distance from each other and have the same temperature ranges and temperature control but can be controlled separately from each other

Putting it in simple words you can cook two different meals at two different temperature like searing Tuna at 500 degrees F and roasting your favorite chicken dish at 350 or 450 degrees F. you can also cook two different dishes at the same temperature zone of both the burners having a uniform heat distribution.


Talking about the ignition system of the grilling unit, it is a pure delight to have the matchless ignition preventing you to carry the match stick or lighter all the time with you for initiating the ignition. This matchless ignition is initiated by specialized buttons that provide it the shock for beginning the power supply.

These buttons will start the power supply that will run down the whole unit and the grill will begin to heat up in response to the passing heat through it. This heat will sear or grill the foodstuff placed over the cooking or grilling racks.


For increasing the cooking area and enabling a large amount of food to be grilled, Coleman has launched two side tables which can be used as storage boxes for storing your sauces or slices before the grilling and put them on board after the use. These side tables can be removed or replaced and make the grilling a convenient and comfortable experience.


As the device is meant for outdoor use, therefore, it is necessary to prevent the foodstuff from environmental hazards like the passing wind or the allergens and pollens in the air. This could only be carried out if the grills are covered with a lid or hopper. Coleman NXT is coming with durable and resistant lids that are heat resistive and retain the temperature inside the grilling chamber.

This heat resistive nature is not just responsible for heat retention but rather it is significant for keeping the food warm and making it safe to touch the grill while grilling. This means you can touch the grates when put on the ignition.


The display of the Coleman NXT 200 is very simple and easy to operate which is mostly taken up thermostat controlling the temperature at which grilling is to be carried out. As the grill is coming with two burners so its thermostat is a significant part of controlling the heat core technology. This thermostat can be controlled individually of each other each dedicated to a separate burner.

Apart from this temperature control you can also auto-adjust it according to the foodstuff it is supposed to cook. So the temperature can be adjusted for cooking thin layered meat or a thickly layered meal in addition to the vegetables and meat control.


The Coleman NXT 200 is coming with dual fuel type consumption and users can utilize an electric or propane fuel and both of these fuel types are the most common and latest in the grilling industry making it suitable for outdoor uses.

Electric start is mostly restricted to startup use and has 20,000 BTU units that deliver a powerful energy surge driving an efficient and effective heating system. As far as propane consumption is concerned, Coleman has added a durable and spacious cylinder in its series for making it convenient for outdoor uses. This cylinder has a good enough capacity of 16.4 ounces that makes it long-lasting enough to run for enough time that is required for the tailgating events.


As the Coleman NXT, 200 grills are coming with a spacious cylinder of 16.4 oz. capacity, it can run for a continuous 1 hour which is the best runtime for propane grills as BBQ or meat steak-grilling doesn’t require enough time to be utilized. This 1 hour will be time enough to prepare the meal for the whole of your crew. Most grill steak-grilling at once will take a maximum of 4 to 5 minutes to grill from one side and grilling the whole meat will be done before completion of the 1 hour of the runtime.

Other than that if you fear running out of fuel or if you are going with a larger crew which will require cooking a large amount of foodstuff then you can always carry additional propane cylinders with your tailgate package to make them into use when required.


The 20,000 BTU will be large enough of power that will make it comfortable for cooking BBQ or steaks to perfection and this is although a mandatory aspect of any grilling grate or pellet grill when it comes to efficient and controlled consumption, Coleman has left all of them behind.

This unit is well known across the market for its effective power consumption cutting short the fuel used and increasing the runtime of the heating system. Its 16.4 ounces capacity cylinders can run for 1 long hour while the other units without controlled consumption will be capable of having a runtime of a maximum of 40 or 50 minutes.

Thus this regulated power consumption is making it the best comrade for tailgate events and outdoor parties all thanks to its effective fuel utilization and capability f running for a long time. In addition to this useful skill, the Coleman grill is also offering a warming rack which will keep your grilled food in a hot state and you don’t have to run down the heating o power utilization all again from the beginning.


One of the highly ignored aspects of a BBQ grill is its post-work clean up and is the significant or rather mandatory part to be ensured for easy operation. The easy and simple cleaning process will not only save your efforts and time utilized in cleaning but is also important in keeping the product in top-notch condition.

This Coleman NXT is offering grease cups that will retain the leftover material or specifically the grease and fuel in its cups which can easily be dumped without the need of putting your hands on the dirt and debris. these cups can be washed after the dumping and thus making the whole cleaning process easy and simple.

These grease cups are generally good to have on board but these are not good enough to replace the grease trays. Coleman has not launched the grease trays that act as the bottom line of the product. Another of its downside is its lack of attachments which could prove to be valuable addition enhancing the comfort and joy of the whole grilling experience.


After going through all the amazing features you are better aware of the capabilities and strengths of this Coleman NXT 200 grill but the dependability and trust of the product are as good as the manufacturing firm it is coming from.

Coleman is no doubt a very prestigious name in the grilling industry but to strengthen its customer base manufactures have launched its leading warranty of 3 years which covers all the manufacturing faults and technological failures within the promised time duration.

Although the warranty is a limited part of insurance but still having manufacturing support is mandatory for assessing the reliability and durability of the product. Coleman is also widely praised for its post-sale services and thus in case of any query or fault in your apparatus, you can consult the post-sale customer service franchises and have your queries resolved and issues fixed by the technical support of the brand.

Final Thoughts

Coleman is a prestigious manufacturing firm that has a whole plethora of grilling plates and grates that are enjoying a pristine position in the market this Coleman NXT 200 is the latest propane grill by their manufacturing lineup and is highly valued among the propane grills owing to its unique features and good cooking capacity.

Coleman NXT™ 200 Grill
Coleman NXT™ 200 Grill
Made of the highest quality materials; Camping cooking grills; Another quality Coleman product

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Coleman NXT 200 is an easily affordable product and has a range of quality features starting from its high capacity propane cylinders, porcelain-coated iron grates, individually operated thermostat, heat core technology to the durable and robust construction.

To put it, in a nutshell, this grill is a perfect product that has everything coming in bits and shreds to make it an all-around device for all the users out there who are looking for a multi-terrain outdoor device.

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