Recteq RT-590 Pellet Grill Review

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Lately, recteq Grills have been assembling a large amount of attention for various locations. Like every other company, they also want to rank high in the list of providing top-class quality to their clients. They have invested lots of effort and hard work to achieve and be the out-class characteristics provider.

This product the Rec-Tec Stampede which they have brought to the market is to avail their clients of a wood pellet grill. This is considered an ideal grill due to its perfect size which isn’t like the standard ones which we usually use. The steel which has been used in it is absolute stainless and the grill is made up of around 304 top-class steels. The Recteq stampede has few additional specs as well.

The grill’s additional features include appreciative wood pellets, without a greasy grill, with an observant grill cover. The main cooking chamber of recteq comes with the shape of octagonal, this gives an amazing impact and is very attractive to look at.

The design of this grill is to equally distribute and upgrade the heat and smoke system. The Hot flash ceramic ignition system is also available in this grill to provide heat to the main firepot.

The design of recteq stampede comes with an extremely efficient grease control management system. If it is dripping or the oil is spread during the application, there isn’t anything to worry about as the recteq has stainless steel.

Let’s get started with the Recteq RT-590 Review.

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Recteq RT-590 Review

The recteq stampede has a temperature control system as well with the help of a proprietary PID controller.

This function is specifically designed to keep going at the correct and normal temperature; this system is adjustable by managing the speed of the auger and fan inside the grill. The rec tec stampede has the connectivity of WiFi and it can be managed through it.

You can connect it directly to your smartphones or other devices. The grill also comes with BullPen that is an instant-read thermometer.

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Construction & Ease of Assembly

In the market, rec tec has made a huge name in the list of multiple competitors. This grill is perfectly assembled. The dimensions of this recteq stampede are 44 by 37.25 inches. As the temperature rises when the grill is working but it has more than 304 steel which is finest and stainless to avoid tarnishing and to make sure it won’t be peeling off.

There are 4 legs of recteq are also quite long and have the moveable wheels attached with them for convenience. The measurement says that they are around 22 inches long.

While cooking, to make the process safer and reliable the chamber of rec tec has a porcelain enamel painted on the lid to protect the grill. For convenient lock and unlock of the rec tec stampede it comes with 2 huge handles.

The best thing about this grill is that it does not compromise on the quality. Their first priority is to provide their clients with top-class features. The steels have been used in the grill extra-ordinarily only for convenience even at the points where they are not required.

While assembling, it requires extra time than usual for wood pellet grills of recteq to place them all together than the standard ones do like charcoal grills and traditional gas.

For better and next level assembling the recteq stampede have decided and made an incredible designed and detailed command and directions to make the experience easier. It is highly convenient comparatively than the earliest ones in the list of grills.

Grilling Performance

The recteq stampede is available with up-to-date and modern features in it. In size, it has a medium size that a grill should be of. This will provide you the sizzling and top-class quality with all the flavors of smoke barbecue in just a few minutes.

It can serve more than 6-7 members of a family or a single batch at one time. It ensures you with the quality of grill that it won’t fall before passing years and years. The recteq stampede is an attractive and reliable product.

The shape of this grill is octagonal; this is an extremely efficient shape with lots of benefits. It helps to equally distribute the airflow to make it more convenient and regular smoke and heat from the main cooking chamber of the grill.

When this grill was designing a unit was made in a larger shape and size. This wasn’t that big but it usually helps to make a mega feast, but isn’t useful when you are only making for your small little bunch.

According to the manufacturers, this grill has been considered a portable grill. Whereas, it bells at the same position in pounds of around 123 it is not light-weight and is a bit difficult to carry or move it from one place to another. This is not that easy to be shifted or lifted without any mega help, it requires lots of men to pull it on.

The recteq stamped has made the promotions currently that have multiple wood pellets with extra 2 non-greasy stick grill mats. This is the process in the grill that makes the system more convenient and highly reliable.

The PID controller is the game-changer in this recteq stampede; it is designed to give you the required temperature in the grill without any ups and downs. The app connectivity through WiFi is a very latest feature and easy to use.

Grilling Areas

According to the measurements it has around 592 squares inches at the main cooking chamber grill of the recteq stampede. It also comes with a subordinate function or second main with measurements of around 180 square inches. In total if you combine it you get around 772 square inches for the cooking space in the grill. This is a super big place and will give an exceptional experience.

The subordinate place is an extra grill space for your high convenience. It is completely up to you if you want to use it or not. However, it is perfect for occasionally, as that time requires more space for cooking. And also it would not entertain you with a hot rack like the one before we discussed.

Special Features

The exceptional PID controller that is the main feature in the grill to make it more unique and the other one is the connectivity of  Wi-Fi with a smooth and flawless touch.

These are the features that actually let you enjoy the moments realistically otherwise you are so much into the cooking that you forgot to feel and explore those moments. As it also comes with the recteq stampede blue pen that makes the process more reliable and secure. All you need to do is to control it through your device and that’s it.

The Hot Flash ceramic ignition function is there to avail you of rapid heating for the firebox. The octagonal cooking chamber in the grill is to help you out for equally divided smoke and heat in the recteq.

Ease to Clean

The recteq Stampede advertisement comes with the 2 anti-greasy grill mats. At the time when you use them by placing them onto the grate, the cleanliness is on some other level. The process becomes really easy and comfortable. Whereas the rest of the functionality system controls the greasiness as it has stainless steel and they work accordingly.

They have not included the hopper purge feature, as it is found in the other products but it could be great if they had added it in this recteq 590 as well. It helps to lastly remove the perfect wood pellets for quick service.

At the time when this will start to happen, you will be left only with a strong and rigid, hard brick-like wood material that will not urge you into the auger. All you will need to ensure is that you would take any unburned pellets out by hand after each cooking session.


The recteq Stampede comes with a warranty of returnable by a 4-year mega guarantee. The grill of the recteq also gives a one-month satisfaction guarantee for extreme reliability and to make a trust relationship. This is much better and more efficient than the other competitors in this category who only offer a 3-year warranty.

Recteq RT-590 Review Final Thoughts

The recteq is an extremely impressive wood pellet grill. It has high-class and detailed quality. The PID controller is an exceptional feature in it with other classifications like the WiFi compatibility that is something next level the most reliable thing is that the quality is their first preference before anything else.

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Now, that you have read the complete article and have the entire details and information regarding this recteq stampede grills. It’s time to choose this if it is according to your preferences. Just go and check it from our reviews and understand the basic points so that you only buy it if it is righteous according to your requirements.

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