How to Build a Rotisserie Smoker

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If you are someone who enjoys grilling and cooking on your grill for your friends and family, then you might want to step up your game quite a bit! How can that be achieved? We recommend that you invest in a rotisserie smoker! Also known as rotisserie spits these are usually meant for serious BBQ and grilling enthusiasts!

However, we have a suggestion that might be even more exciting! For all those interested, today’s guide is all about how to build your very own DIY rotisserie smoker within the comfort of your backyard! Of course, we only recommend that expert grillers take on this project, however, if you have some DIY skills, this might be a fun way to elevate weekend BBQ nights!

So, before we head onto the main section on how to build a rotisserie smoking like this, let’s get the facts straight!

What is a Rotisserie smoker?

A rotisserie smoker is a spit that is attached to a mechanism that allows your meat and veggies to be rotated on fire or coals. This expertly cooks, sears, smokes, and grills it from all sides so that you get perfectly cooked foods every time! The best part is that these Rotisserie Models ensure that as you smoke and cook your meat, the heat is passed consistently through this.

Of course, these are most likely going to be built outdoors since they are far bigger than any average griller and another thing to consider is that they can get very hot and churn out a ton of smoke! The way that it cooks is unique and while it is a very old method it is still quite popular since the meat will slowly cook for hours! You cannot replicate this experience or the flavor!

Why should you own a smoker?

There are so many benefits to investing in a rotisserie smoker! For starters, they are the best option if you want to cook for larger numbers of people. Another benefit is that since their capacity is huge you can cater to more people while also cooking different kinds of food and meat at once!

Who can argue that this is one of the best traditional methods to retain all the flavor and juiciness of your meat? It is also undeniably a unique way to cook and will give your cooking an edge.

What will you need to build a rotisserie smoker?

You might need the following:

  • A set of tools
  • Metal strips
  • Concrete blocks
  • A large drum
  • Welding materials
  • Digging tools
  • Gravel or stones
  • V-brackets
  • A few long pieces of metal

Will you need any special tools to build?

  • Safety goggles
  • Safety gloves
  • Handheld grinder
  • Measuring tape
  • Chiseling tool
  • Something to mark points
  • Metal cutting discs
  • Hammer
  • Metal stakes

How to build a rotisserie smoker

The first step in our opinion is to find the perfect spot in your backyard to start your setup! Of course, it does imply that your backyard has a decent amount of space for the smoker, otherwise, it might be too close to your garden or shrubbery especially trees. This is dangerous because they will be prone to catching on fire.

If you have kids, then we also recommend that you mark the area for the build to be further away from this area. Similarly, it is also quite important to select an area near a power outlet if your main power source for the smoker will be an electric motor. The most important part that’s next is building the foundation.

You need to make sure this is mapped out properly because the success of your project depends on this base. You will need to level out the ground and this can easily be managed by adding some stones. These will become an effective base layer for the main concrete blocks that will come on top.

Once this has been successfully achieved, you can move on digging out a 1-foot deep pit in the ground below. Another important step is to ensure that the dirt and soil stay out of this area. To achieve this, you can add metal strips. Depending on your project’s size, it will take around 10 to 15 pieces and these should have rebar stakes added as well.

Next, you can add some sand or gravel stones into this 1-foot pit and starting in the concrete blocks. These will be placed on the outside and around your put but will also depend on your specific plan! The important thing about these blocks is that they need to be completely level with each other.

If they are not make sure you push them in place with a hammer. A nice trick that we think will help to ensure enough air is let in for the flame is to place the blocks sideways as well. This will just make your design of this rotisserie smoker more effective.

The cinder blocks are piled one on top of the other without mortar. This is why it is important to make sure that the blocks are level and fit into each other nicely. As you lay the blocks, you also want to make sure that you leave space in the wall to hold the rotisserie skewer.

Now, that the main foundation has been created for your smoker what next?

One thing that you will have to get your power tools out for is to create a half-inch wide hole in the concrete blocks on each side of the smoker. This is to add in the smoker spit that will be much easier to rotate if it is exposed. You will add the hinge brackets on both of the ends for easy rotation.

You can use anything that works best for you, but we recommend using a nice and sturdy steep rod that is at least 8 to 9-feet long depending on how big your smoker is. You will also need to drill a few holes along the surface of the spit. Another important element is to weld in a gear at one end of the spit. You can then hammer in a 1 to 2-inch long pipe deep into the ground. This will be done on both ends.

Now, for the most important element; the V brackets! These will be used to make sure the rotating spit is kept in one place. If you have reached this step, you will be pleased to know that you are almost done!

Of course, what makes this type of griller different from other appliances is its smoking aspect and for that, we recommend that you make use of any large drum but make sure to cut it or weld it off in half. This should be food-grade since that will mean the pain or surface doesn’t chip or melt off in the heat!

You can attach your hinged elements straight onto this contraption. Welding its sides after it has been cut is also important so that you get proper edges and not rough ones. However, make sure you get precise and accurate measurements before you try to attach your top drum half.

Finally, we certainly recommend that you incorporate some sort of a handle for easy access but make sure that you fit a material that won’t get to boiling temperatures when the spit is functional. This will make your experience with your rotisserie smoking much easier!

We have now reached the end of our review and guide on how to build a rotisserie smoker and we hope that this has been an insightful journey for all our readers! It takes a little planning and strategy in the beginning and being handy doesn’t hurt, but all-in-all, it isn’t something you can’t handle if you’re up for it!

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