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The Tasty Hub ( is happy to announce the acquisition of the domain. This will provide a better experience to everyone that comes to The Tasty Hub!

With, it brings more combined expertise and resources for more food and recipe content.

About was a culinary business that offered value-added products, live and virtual cooking classes, recipes, and inspiration to enhance your life through food and a closer connection to nature.

They were based in midcoast Maine and used the surrounding landscape as a source of inspiration for sustainable living. From gathering their own herbs, fishing for fresh and saltwater species, to creating products for the home, they wanted to use the land as a place to feed and nourish them. They built an off-grid home, homesteading and furthering their living-off-the-land commitment. They shared their experiences and passion for the lifestyle with their readers.

Their culinary offerings were based in classic technique and traditional food preparation, he was also immersed in using food as medicine. They focus on sustainable cuisine, seeking the highest quality foods grown locally and harvested in season, supporting the crucial farm-to-table method of preparing food. They remained deeply connected to the local ecosystem around him, foraging, fishing, and hunting as much as possible.

About The Tasty Hub

The Tasty Hub has a great collection of a variety of recipes and cooking ideas, including popular recipes, healthy eating tips, delicious beverages, and kitchen gadgets.

Cooking is all about experimenting. If you have the courage to try out new recipes, you’ll find that they don’t always turn out perfectly, but that’s what makes them fun and learning experiences. 

We have everything you need to know to make the most out of every meal to enjoy with your family and friends.

Some great recipes you will find here include:

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